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Publisher: Ibraham Farrah (We are all very saddened by Mr. Farrah's death on Feb.7,1998. His contributions to American Belly Dance are immeasurable.)
Editor: Nina Constanza
Distributed: Bi-monthly
Subscription: No longer available.
Page size: Standard 8x10
Photography: Arabesque has an extensive collection of photographs, both current and archival. The older photos are a favorite of mine and I think Mr. Farrah is to be commended for his efforts to preserve the stars and the styles of the past who defined what we think of as modern Belly Dance.
Layout: "From the Editor", lead articles and interviews, reviews of performances, music, videos, books and classes. All interspersed with poetry and archival photographs.
Contributing Writers: Some contributing writers are Ibrahim Farrah, Aisha Ali, Zein Abd Al-Malik and Dee Birnbaum.
Misc.: Focus centered somewhat on Cabaret and the New York City Oriental Dance scene.
Address: To reprint articles or for copyright related questions contact Phyllis Saretta at 212-675-1051.



Publisher: Liliana
Editor: Liliana
Distributed: 4 issues a year.
Subscription: $32 - $14 for back issues.
Page size: 8.5x11
Cover: Beautiful.
Photography: Excellent, professional photography
Layout: Belly Dance, A Raqs Sharqi Magazine is a full-color publication with beautifully designed layouts. Our magazine offers readers a three-month calendar of belly dance events throughout the U.S. and abroad. In our "Showcase My Troupe" section, dance troupes from every state in the USA introduce themselves by sharing their photos and bios. Additional feature articles cover worldwide conventions and festivals, music and book reviews, dance etiquette by Madame Butterfly, health and exercise tips, beauty and fashion trends, Middle Eastern cuisine, astrology forecasts, tributes to legendary performers, and a network for professional dancers.
Contributing Writers: Liliana Sanchez, Juliete Arroyo, Cathryn MacEllerhan, Rahja, Melissa Stone, and Aisha Ali.

Belly Dance, A Raqs Sharqi Magazine
3408 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505



Publisher: Lester French
Editor: Landra French
Distributed: Bi-monthly
Subscription: $15 a year - $5 for back issues when available
Page size: Standard 8x10
Cover: This is a unique publication in that it is bound differently than any of the other magazines. It's mailed in a sturdy white envelope and consists of unbound pages which are held together with a staple in the left-hand corner. I've never received a torn envelope, nor has any staple come loose. There is no cover photograph. Instead there is an attractive cover page which begins with a wonderful quote and contains the index.
Photography: Excellent choices and generally a nice amount too, if ever so slightly dark.
Layout: "From the Editor", letters, Featured Dancer, Featured Troupe, feature articles, poetry, media reviews, dance news and reviews, misc., Calendar of events, a Bazaar and a directory.
Contributing Writers: Some contributing writers are Landra French, Laurel Gray, Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, Zajal, Kajira Djoumahna, Delilah, Chelydra and Yasmina.
Misc.: This is a wonderful publication. Some of the best and brightest writers can be found here. Very similar to Habibi in quality, only on a smaller scale. Excellent!



Publisher/Managing Editor: Stella Grey
Art Director: James Wasserman
Distributed: 4 times a year
Subscription: Currently not available
Page size: 8-1/2x11
Photography: Habibi's photos are very clear. I think they have on the average more photographs than any other magazine.
Layout: Letter from Publisher, Letters to Editor, Hip Pages (News, Media Mentions, Factoids, Unclear on the Concept), Why We Dance, Featured Articles and Interviews, media reviews, Performance News and Reviews, a directory, Calendar of events.
Contributing Writers: Some contributing writes are Shareen el Safy, Andrea Deagon, Laurel Gray, Margo Abdo O'Dell, Eva Cernik, Robyn Friend, Michelle Forner, Morocco and Delilah.
Misc.: Habibi is the only bellydance magazine available on newsstands and has the largest circulation. Members of MECDA get Habibi as part of their membership dues.

Habibi Publications
PO Box 231578
New York, NY 10023


Publisher: Mezdulene
Editor: Mezdulene
Distributed: 8 issues a year
Subscription: $31 a year
Page size: Standard 8x10
Cover: Great choices although picture quality may vary.
Photography: Good choices and a good amount but picture quality can vary from excellent to poor.
Layout: Calendar of events, From the Editor, about the cover, feature articles, performance news and reviews, featured artist, question and answer column, misc., directory and a Bazaar.
Contributing Writers: Some contributing writers are Laurel Gray, Chandani, Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, Shakira, Baraka and Halima.
Misc.: Focus slightly on the Mid-West Oriental Dance scene.



Publisher: Sharina
Editor: Sharina
Distributed: Bi-monthly
Subscription: $30 a year
Page size:
Contributing Writers:


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